Newkirk residents work to stop DHS biological warfare testing

Newkirk residents work to stop DHS biological warfare testing

NEWKIRK, OK (KSWO)- Panic and fear out of Newkirk, Oklahoma after the Department of Homeland Security said it would carry out biological warfare testing near the town.

Those living there are trying to keep it from happening.

Homeland Security plans to release the chemicals at an abandoned school just miles from the town.  It's supposed to show the impacts the chemicals have on buildings and how humans can be better prepared against it.

While the Department says the chemicals are not toxic to humans, the town is not for it. They held a community meeting last night to get feedback.

Here's how a few people responded:

"There is a lot of panic and a lot of fear," Brittny Smith said.

"They have done things like this before, and after they say it's safe and so forth. Then they say, 'Oops, made a mistake.' It is dangerous," said Juhree Vanderpool.

Newkirk City Council plans to talk about the testing during its next city council meeting.

There is a petition circulating online at  As of this newscast, it has more than 69,000 signatures.

The chemical tests are expected to happen early next year and in the spring.

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