Discussion on revitalizing the Comanche language

Discussion on revitalizing the Comanche language

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A discussion was held at the Comanche Nation Complex to come up with a plan to revitalize the Comanche language.

Thursday evening, the Comanche Language Planning group explained that their language is in an emergency state, with fewer and fewer people speaking it and not enough people passing it on.

The group discussed ways to spread the language and keep it alive, primarily through developing education curriculum.


Comanche Nation Childcare Development fund director Carolyn Codopony explained that any speaker could help the effort.

We have so many tribal members that have so many talents, so much education, and gifts that the Creator has given them, she said, and we can use anyone and everyone."

The discussion was streamed on the web, and the Language Planning Group took questions from both the live and online audience.

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