Walters students decorate ornaments for state tree lighting

Walters students decorate ornaments for state tree lighting

WALTERS, OK (KSWO) - While many kids are looking forward to Thanksgiving break, some students at Plato Elementary in Duncan, as well as Walters and Frederick Elementary, are getting ready for Christmas. They were chosen to decorate their own tree at the State Capitol.

Walters Elementary School students decorated their ornaments on Friday.

Two weeks ago, the Walters students learned they were going to the state capitol to decorate a tree.

"I was like shocked to be told that," student Rory Schrodere said. "I was like 'What is the state capitol?' Then she showed us the picture and I was surprised."

The class then decided to go with a snowflake theme. Their teacher, Kelly Mitchell, said it was the perfect learning opportunity.

"They're a hexagonal shape and they're symmetrical and so we've got a lot of math."

The students said there is a process for their designs. Schrodere said after thinking about what they wanted, they drew their designs before beading their ornament.

Schrodere, a 2nd-grader said her ornament for the tree turned out great.

The ornaments are finished and the students will decorate their tree on the 28th at the tree lighting ceremony where they'll meet Governor Mary Fallin along with the state's superintendent.

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