Budget bill draws vetoes from Governor Fallin

Budget bill draws vetoes from Governor Fallin

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) - Governor Mary Fallin has vetoed all but five sections of the budget bill the Oklahoma Legislature approved after eight weeks of heated debate and failed votes. She also wants them to come back to the State Capitol for a second special session.

The full budget bill would have given mid-year cuts to agencies and drawn money from savings accounts and other one-time funds. She is keeping funding to key DHS programs and $30 million so the Department of Health can make payroll.

Fallin said she rejected the bill because it would leave the state in a dangerous position when trying to fill next year's budget, which is already expected to be $600 million short. She also thinks next year's elections will impact lawmakers during the regular session in February because, "pressure not to do anything will be greater."

In her statement, she wrote "The constant budget crisis has put us in survival mode. I want us to thrive. we will thrive when we can adequately and consistently fund our core services. that will happen when we find sustainable and predictable revenue sources."

Governor Fallin says she plans to call a second special session in the near future so lawmakers can find more revenue options.

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