Residents upset about city bulk trash service

Residents upset about city bulk trash service

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) -Some Altus residents are concerned after seeing more and more bulk trash in alleys around the city not getting picked up. Those things being construction debris, toys and tree limbs. City officials said it's because their contractor who did the bulk trash pick up left without notice. Leaving it up to the city to get flat beds and pick it up.

Bricks, carpet and tree limbs. All things you can find in multiple alleys across Altus. They're also things that are banned from being in the alleys.

"It's an eye sore to our city," says Karen Sanchez, Altus resident. "It's a negative impact on our city. When people come in, they drive through and see different situations. It's also a health hazard and that's where my concern is primarily."

Sanchez went to a recent city council meeting to make sure this issue is addressed.

"I just want this to be a priority with them," said Sanchez. "I want them to put it on their next council agenda. I want them to take some action. I want them to acknowledge that there is a problem."

The Assistant City Manager said they don't have the equipment yet to pick up the trash themselves, and they have not hired a contractor. They have waived the 1,500 pound limit that can be discarded for free at the landfill with a Altus utility bill and ID.

However, residents are still being charged the $3.31 on their utility bill for solid waste management fee. $2.71 of that goes to the city for flat bed service and 60 cents goes to the landfill.

"We have staff looking for estimates and equipment for us to continue to do the service on our own," says Matt Wojnowski.

The trash in these alley's usually gets picked up, on average, every 2 months. Wojnowski said the trash problem is also due to people coming into town and dumping illegally.

Sanchez said she hopes other residents will do their part in helping keep the city clean. If you see something suspicious or someone dumping illegally to contact the city.

"I would ask them to please stop and I think that they need to be considerate that they are taking advantage of a service that they do not pay for," said Sanchez

For a full list of the items that you can and cannot dump in alleys in Altus, go to the city’s Banned Items Code Compliance page on their website.

The phone number to report illegal dumping is 580-481-2205.

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