Haircuts and guidance given at 'Fades and Braids' tour

Haircuts and guidance given at 'Fades and Braids' tour

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A nonprofit organization is traveling the United States to provide free haircuts for at-risk children. The group is called Building a Better You. On Sunday, they stopped by Bethlehem Baptist church.

"I'm a better me building a better you," said Lamar Whetstone.

Lamar was just one teen that stopped by the free 'Fades and Braids' event. He said before he sat down in the chair he knew exactly what he wanted.

"I got it cut short, a fade and a design," said Lamar.

Along with a new design, he said the barber gave him something he wouldn't normally receive while getting his haircut.

"He teaches me about respect, being kind to my mom and showing her respect," said Lamar. "Staying focused in school and to be good at what you do."

Building a Better You Vice President Larry Peterson said the 'Fades and Braids' tour started in August. The group has visited six states so far and plans to visit Wichita, Kansas next. Peterson and his partner thought of the tour after giving out free haircuts to students at an Oklahoma school.

He said he also wanted to find a way to get back into the church and continue serving others.

"You never know what it does to that child when you're able to help them feel good about themselves," said Peterson.

Which is what he says is one of their mottos, when you look good, you feel good.

Besides offering a free service, Peterson said that is their ultimate goal is to motivate each kid they encounter.

"When they are in our chair sitting down we are able to talk to them," said Peterson. "Helping them to understand the self-respect and respect period."

Lamar said self-respect was just one more thing he learned while sitting in his chair.

"It's cool," said Lamar. "You're taught to stay focused and you get a cool fade at the same time."

For more information on Building a Better You or how to donate to the organization you can visit their Facebook page.

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