Governor Fallin issues three executive orders

Governor Fallin issues three executive orders

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) Gov. Mary Fallin has issued a series of executive orders to promote efficient state spending -- with a strong focus on school funds.

In one order, Gov. Fallin tasked the State Board of Education to make a list of all the public schools that spend less than 60-percent of their funding on students and their education.
Those schools on the list will have to create plans to consolidate administrative spending by January 2020. Any school that fails to create a plan will have one given to them by the Board.
As a part of the second order, college campuses across the state were also asked to prepare plans to consolidate administrative costs

Gov. Fallins third order directed state agencies to stop spending funds on swag items like pens, trophies or book bags. She said that order could save Oklahoma as much as $58 million.

In the press conference announcing the orders, Gov. Fallin also discussed her plans to release the start date for the next special session to address the state's budget shortfall. She said the date would be announced in the next week.

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