7NEWS viewer donates piano to Lawton prodigy

7NEWS viewer donates piano to Lawton prodigy

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton student is a prodigy on the piano, despite never having one of his own. But Wednesday, that all changed thanks to the generosity of a few members of our community.

We brought you 16-year-old Cameron Simpson's story last Friday and immediately after it aired, one of our viewers reached out and said he wanted to give Cameron a piano.

Cameron has been battling his entire life, from being born prematurely at 23 weeks, to having 10 surgeries, including heart surgery.

But Cameron loves to play the piano. He taught himself and has actually written over 400 compositions. Wednesday, he was excited as for the first time ever, he had a piano he could call his own.

"It's going to be awesome. I can finally focus on stuff I need to work on for teaching and stuff," Cameron said.

When Cameron had the piano delivered today, he could hardly believe it was his. Once reality began to set in his disbelief turned to sheer joy.

"Something I'm going to be happy about is playing ragtime and all the other genres on a keyboard that actually has good tone," Cameron said. "My current keyboard does not have good tone, it just does not have a good tone. Whenever I play on it sometimes I get keys stuck on it and I want to play higher or lower."

Cameron said the piano served as a reminder of the great people in our community.

"It makes me feel really happy and it shows the hospitality of such wonderful people in a small town," Cameron said. "Lawton is a really decent town but there's a lot of really good people out there."

One of those good people is David Kelln, who messaged 7NEWS immediately after seeing Cameron's story air.

"When you get stuff like that on TV instead of the bad stuff happening, it moves stuff to want to do something about it," Kelln said. "I've been blessed and we had that piano just sitting there. We thought we'd just bring it on over and let him utilize it because he'll use it a whole lot more than we would."

Kelln said he felt Cameron getting the piano was meant to be. That piano was actually given to his family years ago to help his daughter learn to play. Kelln said just hours before the story aired he was trying to figure out what to do with the piano that no one ever played anymore.

"I asked my friend John what do you want me to do with this piano? He said find someone that needs it. So, I said I'll find someone. It was that night that I saw your piece on the news. Things work out," Kelln said.

Things certainly worked out for Cameron, who said he has one great takeaway from Wednesday's events.

"It's just good to know how good people are when you least expect it," Kelln said.

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