City host Thanksgiving feast

City host Thanksgiving feast

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A community meal was held HC King Center in Lawton Thursday afternoon by City of Lawton staff and volunteers to ensure nobody went without a place to go on Thanksgiving.

Tera Northington attended the meal and said the food was fantastic.

"It's wonderful, and I appreciate everything they've done," she said.

She said she wouldn't have had a Thanksgiving dinner, like this one, if it weren't for the center.

City of Lawton employee David Campbell said that's why they had this dinner.

"We're just trying to do something good for the community and help out," Campbell said.

He said they were able to have this meal through donations.

"Most of it is given by God's people," Campbell said. "They just come through, donate food, and money. They hear about the cause and they just come."

Campbell said it blessed him to see people caring for others in the community.

"It's about giving back, and to see peoples that really love one another, and care enough to give to somebody else, that might not have," he said. "Most the people we deal with might not have a meal today, and God gave me this mission, and these people here and we just carry it out."

Northington said it meant a lot to her and others that they had this meal.

Campbell plans on having Christmas meal too and is accepting toys for the dinner so all the kids will get a present. If you'd like to donate you can take it to the HC King Center.

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