Lawton woman remembers late brother on Thanksgiving

Lawton woman remembers late brother on Thanksgiving

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- For most people, the Thanksgiving holiday is full of family, food and fun.

But, for one woman it's a terrible memory of what she lost.

"I never felt so much love since my brother died," said Shanda Frazier, mother.

"He got murdered on Thanksgiving night," said Lashanda Frazier, Shanda's daughter. "A drunk driver killed him."

Shanda said Thursday made six years since her brother passed.

She and her six children decided to attend the annual Thanksgiving meal for the first time. Shanda said she's just thankful for their support.

"They keep me on my toes and keep me not to be sad or nothing," said Shanda.

Her daughter Lashanda said the holiday is normally hard for her mother, despite remembering the tragedy of her brother's death, but also and providing for her siblings.

"It's hard for her because she doesn't have the support she's supposed to have," said Lashanda.

However, she said days like this one make it a little bit better.

"We're still happy, we're still excited," said Lashanda. "We still keep ourselves motivated."

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