Lawton shoppers call Black Friday a success

Lawton shoppers call Black Friday a success

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - It was a busy Black Friday for stores across Lawton as shoppers looked for the best deals to check items off their Christmas list.

Shopping on Black Friday is a tradition for many, including Angelica Rodriguez. She goes every year with her mom and sister, and they got an early start on the sales on Thanksgiving.

"We went to Khols, Target, Walmart and then we went home and then today we're out again," Rodriguez said.

She said it wasn't too bad, because stores are ready for the crowds.

"It was sectioned off and then you'd go through the aisles and everybody was behaved. It was packed but it was very organized and it moved quickly," Rodriguez said.

But even though lines moved quickly, Rodriguez said it was still busy.

"It was the longest line I've ever seen," she said.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Huntley said she's never seen Black Friday like this before.

"It's a little bit less crazy here than it is right there in the D.C. area," she said. "It was kinda nice to chill and like see a couple deals, get what I want and get out and not feel overwhelmed with everybody else."

She said that change of pace made for her favorite part of shopping.

"There weren't any fights over parking spots in the parking lot," Huntley said. "So definitely having that as opposed to the stress of trying to get in, find a parking spot and walk inside and just try to navigate throughout stores."

Both Rodriguez and Huntley left the stores with items they were looking for.

"It's great when you find it for like a great deal," Rodriguez said. "You feel like you saved money, you're getting the item that you want, it's kinda like a kid on Christmas I feel like."

Some Black Friday deals ended Friday night, while others will go through the weekend.

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