Vandals break into Lawton home, cause thousands in damage

Vandals break into Lawton home, cause thousands in damage

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A family that was getting ready to move into a home they just bought is now having to pay thousands of dollars in repairs after it was vandalized this weekend.

The owners believe it happened sometime between Thanksgiving and Saturday morning.

The homeowners who wished not to be identified, had just closed on it two weeks ago. They spent all last week cleaning and re-painting the place to get it move-in ready.

One of homeowners walked in Saturday morning with his kids to finish painting and saw paint all over the carpet, holes in the walls and their stove top shattered.

The homeowners believe they ran through the alley behind the house, broke the fence posts and got in through their back sliding door. They're devastated their new home is destroyed, but thankful the community has been extending their hands to help cleanup.

What was supposed to be a new, comfortable home for a Lawton family, is now damaged by spilled paint, holes and shattered glass.

"This is not just our home, but our kids home," said homeowner. "This is where we plan to move forward and grow."

"The walls are definitely not what we left them as," said homeowner. "There's paint everywhere and there's this huge pole just impaled through the living room sheet rock and into what was going to be our daughters room."

He says it's also left his kids petrified and wondering how someone could do this.

"As soon as I walked in, I had the kids leave just to make sure there was no one in the house and then I immediately called the police," said the homeowner.

All this damage done after the homeowner spent a week working on renovations.

"After work he would come here until 11:30-midnight and not get home until 12-12:30 a.m. because he was here trying to finish up the painting,"

The homeowners said it's hard seeing everything you worked for being disrespected.

"They don't realize the extent of what they did do or the family that they have affected. We work hard for what we have and we have 4 kids that we're trying to support and we're trying to move up. It's just a really big set back and it's really disappointing that this is what we assume our youth is out here doing."

He hopes the vandals think twice before doing this again,

"If this was you, you wouldn't do this to your own home. You wouldn't want anyone to do this to your own home, regardless of who you are. It's just not right."

Lawton Police ask if you have any information about who did this to please contact Crime Stoppers at 580-355-TIPS.

There is also GoFund me page set up for the family to help with repairs and damage expenses. If you would like to donate, you can go to

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