Duncan man recounts terrifying attack

Duncan man recounts terrifying attack
Source: KSWO
Source: KSWO

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) A Duncan man reflected on the terrifying moments after another man hopped into his truck and tried to break in.

Don Bailey was stopped at the corner of N and Elk in Duncan around 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The attacker, later identified as Larry Barber, Jr., hopped into the bed of his pickup and shattered the back window, trying to force his way into the cab.

"He picked a log up and busted my window out and then he tried to get inside,
Bailey said, and I kept swerving trying to throw him out."

Bailey explained that he tried to drive to a well-lit area.

"I kept swerving and I didn't hear him anymore,
he said. I thought 'well I got rid of him.' I'm calling the police."

But as he slowed to dial 911,  he realized his attacker hadn't gone anywhere.

"All of the sudden he jumped through my window trying to grab a hold of me,
Bailey said, and that's when I slammed on the breaks and when I did that I just yanked the keys out."

Barber then hopped into the driver seat, breaking the blinker switch as he tried to put it into gear before giving up and trying to get the keys.

He chased me with a log around the truck like a movie, Bailey said, and we kept doing that probably five or 10 minutes and the police finally came and pulled their guns on him."

Police arrested Barber,  but not before he picked up a large branch. Officers had to tell him twice to drop it and get on the ground.

Bailey found himself stunned that the attack happened at all.

"I never thought that it would happen to me,
he said. I always thought I was smarter knowing that nobody would ever do anything that way to me but I was wrong."

Bailey said its going to cost about $2,800 to fix his pickup.

Barber was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

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