Lawton Animal Welfare’s mural is complete

Lawton Animal Welfare’s mural is complete

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton Animal Welfare is working on several projects to improve the quality of life of the animals who stay there.

They finished up the mural on their wooden fence and they are also working on a new outdoor fence area. They are hoping to use the area next summer so the dogs can swim and play.

Superintendent Russell Anderson said the mural on the fence is their vision for the dogs.

"It's almost like the mural is matching what we are doing back here. The dogs are going to be able to play and catch Frisbees and catch balls and can swim. The two artists that came down here and did that mural looked into our heads and said this is what we are gonna be doing back here."

Russell says this was all a community effort. Jeanne Stier and Terry Carter painted the mural and the Streets organization helped build the fenced area.

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