Neighbors concerned after Lawton home burglarized

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton neighborhood is edge after a home was burglarized over the weekend.

The family it happened to believes it occurred Friday night because many neighbors heard loud noises in their neighborhood on Northwest 43rd right off Cache Road.

The family whose home was burglarized was moving and had been packing up their house little by little over the past month. They came back for their last load Sunday only to find their back door shattered and everything left inside gone. One neighbor believes their home was also on the burglars agenda.

"Wow, that could have been me you know," said Kelsey Digby, neighbor.

That was Digby's first thought when he saw the pictures of his neighbors home that was burglarized. Over $10,000 worth of signed sports memorabilia, clothes and a TV were stolen.

Digby's wife also thinks the same thieves were trying to get into their garage.

"She tried to wake me up and tell me somebody is trying to break in and we're so used to hearing people walking around, talking," said Digby.

They woke up the next morning to check the garage and couldn't even open it because it was off track. It also looked like someone tried using a crow bar to pry their way inside, but they were not successful. Digby says his wife and children now feel scared in their own home.

"I don't like guns but I wouldn't hesitate to use one for my family you know," said Digby.

But this isn't the first time burglars have targeted their home.

"A lawnmower, weed eater about $500 worth of stuff," said Digby.

All of that stolen from this shed in their backyard just a few months ago. Digby just wants it to stop.

"We've never had a house this big and we worked hard to get this house," said Digby.

He hopes the burglars think twice before doing it again.

"You're going to go into the wrong house, especially since it's been happening frequently," said Digby. "Someone is going to be prepared for you and you could lose your life or a friends life over what. Whatever is feeling you to steal from a fellow man."

If you have any information about the burglaries or have seen anything suspicious please contact Lawton Police at 580-355-INFO.

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