Frederick petition demands change

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - A petition is going around Frederick right now demanding change in the city government. A Frederick resident is wanting to get citizens involved in stopping the economic decline that has been happening in their city for years.

Chancie Davila, the woman who started this petition, said she and a few others were tired of feeling like they couldn't do anything to keep families and businesses in the city. But after starting this petition, they found out that other citizens felt the same way.

"We want people more focused on making Frederick thrive again," Davila said.

She said they want to reach 1,000 signatures on the petition, and then present it to the Frederick City Council.

"Because that just shows that a third of the population is requesting change and is on board and wanting that," Davila said.

As someone who is born and raised in Frederick, Davila said she has seen the economic decline in the city first-hand.

"I don't remember going out of town to shop for a lot while I was a kid. Now, there's things you can shop for here but a lot of it you have to go out of town to shop for," Davila said.

She said to stop the decline the citizens need to get involved.

Life-long Frederick resident and local business owner Steven Ellis, encouraged by the younger generations' drive, signed the petition to open up a discussion with the city.

"I think if we could just at least get this out there, and let the council know that there are some citizens out here," Ellis said. "Then maybe we can all get together on a certain date and try to come up with some solutions."

Davila said this is the citizen's shot to help their community.

"We can all grow together or we can all die together," Davila said. "And I'm hoping that's how the whole community, the people that are signing it, our leaders, and everybody views it."

Davila said is a few weeks she is wanting to plan a signature drive where Frederick citizens can meet and sign the petition, rather than wait for a knock on the door. We'll keep you posted on when that will be.

If you want to sign the petition or have questions, call Davila at 580-305-1212

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