Gifts picked out during Shop with a Cop

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Ahead of Christmas day, Lawton police helped students pick out gifts, and pay for them too! The Shop with a Cop program happens every year. Teachers from every Lawton elementary school nominated a 5th grade student for this program. And there are a list of qualifications to be chosen like a life-changing event or their parents aren't in the picture.

Aiden Chacon, a John Adams Elementary student, wasn't looking for a specific toy on Tuesday night, he was just looking for the things he likes.

"I really like cars and robots, and I like snipers," Aiden said.

Aiden lives with his uncle and little brother, and said he found out he was going to shop with a cop one day at school.

"I felt a little nervous, and I was excited," he said.

Lawton Deputy Chief Will Hines went around Target Tuesday night with Aiden to help him with the gift shopping. He has been a part of the program for years, and his also family comes to enjoy in the giving.

"I can remember kids from year ago walking around them and shopping," Deputy Chief Hines said. "But you do get to see the kids grow up, and you can see their faces. We get just as excited as the kids do getting to watch them come in. It's like Christmas for them."

Aiden said he has to share his new toys with his little brother.

"Because me and my brother made a deal that if we got new toys we would share them," he said.

The Lawton Fraternal Order of Police fundraises all year to make this happen for the kids so keep your eye out for a chance to donate to make it happen again next year.

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