Lawton woman captures home break-in on surveillance video

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A break-in caught on surveillance has a Lawton woman on edge. It happened around five o'clock on Tuesday.

"You can see someone walking around the house, looking around. He has a flashlight and he's looking out the windows," said Christy Rodriguez, homeowner.

Rodriguez said she and her boyfriend have lived in the home for about a year and never had any trouble until this incident.

She said the suspect tore off the screen to her bathroom window, opened her window and then made his way inside their home.

She said they never would have known had they not checked the surveillance video.

"Normally it's just me walking around or my boyfriend or the dogs or something," said Rodriguez. "But I just see this random man coming from the hallways coming around in the kitchen he's got a flashlight and so, I'm like oh my gosh there was someone in the house."

She said she's not sure who the suspect is, but her grandmother who lives next door said she has seen the man before.

"She saw him walking back and forth throughout the neighborhood," said Rodriguez. "During the evenings he's carrying things, going back and forth."

Rodriguez said although he didn't steal anything her concern is that he may be watching them and planning to come back later.

"We were a little paranoid last night," said Rodriguez. "We made sure things were locked and secure. We got alarms over all the windows and the camera which will alert us. "

If you recognize the suspect in the surveillance video you are encouraged to call the Lawton Police department.

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