Woman receives money for new wheelchair

Woman receives money for new wheelchair

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Police Officers and dispatchers surprised one of their own with more than $1,000 so she can buy a new wheelchair.

"It means a whole lot," dispatcher Dana Wilson said.

Wilson has spina bifida which is a condition that left her unable to walk. She said her wheelchair allows her to be the independent person she wants to be.

"This is my legs and this one is, unfortunately, falling apart and doesn't work well for me," she said.

One of the problems she's facing is lack of tread on her tires.

"When I'm transferring in and out, I have to be really careful otherwise I can end up on the ground," Wilson said.

A little over a week ago, at the gym, Caption Robert Puccino noticed Wilson's wheelchair and asked when she was getting a new one.

"She explained to me it was a thousand dollars for the deductible and she didn't have it," he explained.

That's when Puccino decided he was going to change that. He told officers and dispatchers about Wilson needing a new wheelchair and they pitched in.

"It only took me about 48-hours to get the money," Puccino said.

Wilson said she's shocked so many people cared, especially since she's only been there seven months.

"Sometimes you don't realize the great people you have in your life until you need the help," Wilson said. "It's times like this you see the people come together and you see just how many people do care."

She said she didn't expect anything like this when she talked to Puccino about her wheelchair. She hopes to have her new chair by the end of the year.

"It's a great Christmas already," Wilson said. "Christmas came early with a lot of angels."

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