New toll booth expected to open in January

CHICKASHA, OK (KSWO) – The new toll booth on Interstate 44 headed towards Oklahoma City is expected to open towards the end of January.

The toll booth sits about 15 miles south of Chickasha. It's going to replace the 53-year-old booth just further down I-44. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority said the current toll booth has had problems with accidents because it requires Pike Pass drivers to slow down to pass through -- and there's only one lane to do that.

As of right now, construction is complete. OTA is adding the final details and testing the booth currently. Once open, the new booth will allow you to maintain your speed. If you pay cash, you'll have to merge slightly off the interstate to do so.

When the booth is ready to open, it will be done during early morning hours. Removing the old toll site will cause a construction zone in that area for approximately three weeks.

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