Family reflects on the life of Duncan double homicide victim

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Just over a week after losing their loved one, the family of Jessica Kirk is now sharing her story.

Kirks' husband Shane Josiah Kirk is accused of killing her, and her step-father-in-law, Dennis Duncan.

The family says it's been extremely difficult, but they want people to know what type of person Jessica was. Although Kirk lived in Duncan, she was originally from Idaho. Her cousin Sara Hemming, says she was spunky, fun, and a loving mother to her 3 little boys.

Hemming says it's still hard to process her loss but she, and the rest of Jessica's family will take care of her children and always remind others of their mother's amazing spirit.

November 29, 2017 is a day Sara Hemming and her family will never forget.  A shocking phone call that left them devastated.

"I remember dropping the phone and just shaking and crying like uncontrollably. And that first day was just like your living a nightmare like maybe they made a mistake. This is not happening. This isn't really true. But then the reality starts to set in. This is real. This really happened."

But, the family didn't let the tragedy stop them from wanting to share Jessica memory.

"She was definitely the type of person that if you told her that she couldn't do something she was going to do it and she was going to find any way to prove you're wrong and she was going to do it. she was just a fun-loving person and the light of our family really she had a laugh that was just so contagious."

Kirk had recently turned 30 and had plans to pursue a new journey in her career.

"She had just finished getting her nursing degree and had plans on getting a job at a hospital and really trying to help people."

And, her three sons were her number one priority.

"Everything revolved around her kids to make sure that they had everything that they needed. She always said she would go out of her way to make organic food for her kids and make sure that they had the healthier options and always had them enrolled in some sort of activities so that they were involved with the community and had friends and she was 100 percent like...I think the mom we all strive to want to be."

Despite the tragic circumstances of her death--Hemming says they have a special place in their heart for Shane and his family.

"We just want to know that we really care deeply about them and we will feel for them just like we know they're going into the same situation that we are and we currently do love them and hope nobody showed any ill will towards them or treats them badly because of Shane's action. They are just as much victims as we are."

Without the support of so many people, Hemming says the process of trying to cope with Jessica's death would be difficult.

"Just a special thank you to everyone, the detectives and the D.A. and the prosecutors and the victim services agency even the news and everyone that's covered the stories that we just want to say how grateful and appreciative we are."

Kirks' children are back in Idaho with other family members. They have started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for care and counseling services, and anything else the children may need during this tough time.

The family also plans to have a memorial service for Kirk sometime next year.

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