Bank matching donations to LPS Foundation

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A great opportunity for those looking to help out our community as for the rest of the month, a Lawton bank will be matching every donation made to a nonprofit that helps local students and teachers.

Liberty National Bank will be matching every cent donated to the Lawton Public School foundation, up to $20,000. So far, the LPS Foundation has raised about $5,000 but they're hopeful they'll reach their goal before the end of the month.

The Lawton Public School Foundation serves as a way to ensure that teachers and students are getting the supplies and technology they need in the classroom, despite the limitations brought on by recent statewide budget cuts.

"The foundation to me offers hope at a destitute time in education," said Executive Director Lisa Carson.

Carson said as a former educator, it meant the world to her when she got word of the great donation Liberty National Bank would be giving them.

"I know whether you're an individual or a business, there are many ways each of us spends our money each day. So, it's unbelievable that Liberty National Bank would come to us and offer us $20,000," Carson said.

Carson said the foundation relies on donations, meaning they need your help to raise the money that benefits the teachers.

"We would love for people to be a pillar, that is a recurring annual donation for a family. It's $500 a year for a family or $1,000 a year for a business. You can pay it all at one time or you can pay it out monthly if you want. Also on our page if you can't be a pillar, maybe you can give a one-time donation," Carson said.

Carson said this is a great time to donate because you will get a tax credit and essentially every dollar you donate will be considered two dollars. Plus, you get the joy of knowing you are helping out current and future students.

"I think we all know that you get a quality education in Lawton. What a great opportunity to help our teachers and students. We all want our own children or grandchildren to have a quality education but this is an opportunity to invest in many students," Carson said.

You can find more information on how to donate here.

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