Fort Sill ammunition inspector retires after 50 years

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO)- A former Cache Mayor and longtime ammunition inspector on Fort Sill retired on Friday after 51 years of work. Wayland Denny and his loved ones celebrated his accomplishments with a retirement party on post.

"I am trying to hold back the tears because he is going to be missed so much," said Shannon Kemna. "This place will not be the same without Wayland every day."

"He's very lowkey, easygoing, fair and impartial inspector," said Dick Murphy.

Dick Murphy and Shannon Kemna were just a couple people Wayland Denny influenced while at his job.

"My God means the most," said Denny. "My family is second and my coworkers are third. And there's not a whole lot of difference between the three. They mean the world to me."

Denny's position required him to handle unfired artillery rounds that came back from the units in the field. For nearly 51 years most ammunition on post went through Denny's hands.

Kemna said he taught her everything she needed to know.

"He taught me what the difference in bullets was," said Kemna. "I wouldn't know my job well enough to input it and issue it out to soldiers without his knowledge."

Now, he won't have the responsibility of being trusted with hazardous materials or waking up at four in the morning, which are things Denny said he will miss. But, more importantly the relationships he's made along the way.

"The camaraderie you build between you and your workforce, the people that you are working with. It can't be replaced," said Denny.

Denny's plan now is to have more time to play dominos and take his four-year-old granddaughter fishing.

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