Goodyear hosts Christmas party for those in need

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton's Goodyear plant hosted a special party on Saturday for 125 families and children in need. Goodyear team members raised money to "adopt" children for Christmas.

Sharonna Ashley and her son were one of the families taking part in the unique Christmas party.

"Without this day, I wouldn't be able to give Christmas to my son," said Ashley.

Volunteers provided dinner gifts, toys, and plenty of entertainment for families. Some employees even gave furniture as a gift to those in need.

Ashley said this was the first year her family participated. She said she's just grateful to celebrate the holiday with the one she loves the most.

"I just hope this Christmas will be different for my son," said Ashley. "He can get the things he wanted that I am unable to provide for him."

Which is what Goodyear employee James Sass said was their goal of the day, to spread the holiday cheer.

"In the spirit of giving everyone likes to help out," said Sass. "And we love to help out those less fortunate and help out the community."

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