Wish granted for Elgin student

(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

ELGIN, OK (KSWO)- One Elgin student is on cloud nine after meeting his hero Monday. It's all thanks to Elgin Middle School Winter Wish Program!

Nicholas Meraz is a 5th grade student at Elgin Middle School. He got the opportunity to meet University of Oklahoma golfer Rylee Reinerston.
Meraz wanted to meet him because they're both hearing impaired and he knew they would have a lot in common!

"I just felt like...wow he is here," said Meraz.

Back in September some of his friends heard that he wanted to meet his hero and OU golfer Rylee Reinerston. With help from teachers and the school's Winter Wish Program that dream came true.

"It was so cool because I saw his smile and right away I knew that he was excited to see me. To finally have a chance to meet him is super special and I'm glad I could come down," said Reinerston.

There was one topic Meraz and Reinerston could relate to.

"Sports that's basically it," said Meraz.

They also loved The University of Oklahoma, OU's golf team and President Donald Trump. They're both hearing impaired, but Reinerston inspired Meraz to not let any adversity stop him from living his dreams.

"Just know that you are made differently for a reason, God has a plan and a purpose for you in life and just to know that you are special and God created you for the way that you are. Keep your head up at all times," said Reinerston.

It was advice Meraz said he will use as he gets older.

"Don't let anyone get you discouraged," said Meraz.

The day meant so much for Meraz and his family. His father, who happens to be Elgin Public School's superintendent, said it wouldn't have been possible without the Winter Wish Program.

"We were just overwhelmed it's so awesome this program does so many good things for all of our kids. We've had the governor here and all kinds of stars and wishes being granted," said Meraz.

Granting wishes and putting smiles on kids faces is what the program is all about.

"We've got over 700 kids every kid got to make two wishes and also a wish for the community. So we are giving away candy, lunches, and shoes and we are giving away other experiences that are really incredible and that's what it's about kids being kind and making those wishes," said Evon.

Nicholas' wish was the start of the this years Winter Wish Program. Evon and other teachers have several other wishes they will be granting later this week.

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