Tips to prevent holiday season crime

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The holidays are a time for giving, but it's also prime time for thieves. Christmas presents are a joy for anyone, but to thieves it's a different kind of joy. The joy of knowing that you have something they want.

Lawton Police Department's PIO Timothy Jenkins said there are thing you need to think about when you are out shopping for presents.

"When you go to stores make sure you know what you're going to get when you go there," Jenkins said. "Don't go there and have to walk around 20-30 minutes with money in your hand or credit card in your hand because people get to seeing you and you become a target."

When you are finished shopping, make sure the new items are out of sight in your car. Jenkins recommends using a blanket to cover up the merchandise.

The same goes when you get home. Jenkins says the presents shouldn't be visible from the road through your window. That makes your home a target for thieves.

When it comes time to go out of town for Christmas fun, Jenkins said there is more you can do than just lock your doors to deter would-be burglars.

"If you do have cameras, keep them on and keep them monitored," Jenkins said "That way if you do become a victim of a burglary or a robbery you have that person on your camera that we can get a clothing description or a description of the person. Maybe they were on a car or a bike. We can get a tag number or a bike description. Just something for us to go off of if you do become a victim of that crime."

Another tip from law enforcement has to do with social media. If you are out of town, wait to post about it until you get back home. Thieves look for that online so they can know when you're not home. And that goes for Christmas Day. When you're opening presents wait to post about that cool, expensive electronic. Because it makes your home a possible target.

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