Retired officer hosts home invasion class

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - About 150 people attended a free class on how to protect themselves during a home invasion.

The class was held Monday night at Duncan's Simmons Center, and was taught by retired police officer and firearms instructor Keith Stewart.

Keith Stewart was inspired by the number of people who asked him to what to do in these situations – and he said people only have two options during a home invasion.

"It's either run or fight," he said.

He said either option is fine, but people don't always get to choose.

Stewart said there are things people need to know if they choose to stay in their home and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

"It needs to be a room that you can control the entrance," he said. "There are things you need to have in that room. You need to have the ability to contact law enforcement. If you're running from your bedroom and it's another room, you might not think to take your phone."

As for people who choose to use force, Stewart advises practice above all else.

"Being around guns, my whole life, selling guns, training with guns, if you're going to take on the action of deadly force, you need to know how to use it and use it properly," he said. "You can't just go buy a gun and hope that it works."

Having a plan is something Stewart stressed multiple times during the class. Attendee Donnie Scott said that's something he plans to do with his family.

"We've talked about it but we haven't drilled on it," he said. "This will push is to drill a little more."

Stewart said that if his class results in one tragedy avoided, it would have been all worth it.

"If one person walks away with something gainful and if it saves one person from being a victim of a home invasion then I've succeeded," Stewart.

Stewart said the best and easiest thing someone can do to deter criminals is keeping their house lit. He recommends having the house well-lit on the outside along with lights on inside.

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