Lawton family still needs help after vandals destroy home

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton family is still in need of help after vandals broke into their home over the Thanksgiving holiday. The family had just purchased the home and was preparing to move in when the criminals hit. The owners believe someone came in through their back door, throwing paint everywhere and punching holes in the walls.

The family is asking for volunteer's time. The homeowners are at the home between work and taking care of their four kids, but it's their parents who are working all day. They've been removing carpet and tearing out walls until they can't work anymore. While they've received some help from neighbors, they still have a long ways to go.

After two weeks of scraping off paint, washing sinks and replacing walls, there's still so much to do.

"It's very hard," said Benny Roberts the homeowners' step-father. "I'm not as young as I used to be, so it kind of hurts. I'm stiff, my wife is stiff."

The homeowners' parents have made it their mission to get their son and his family moved into this home by Christmas.

"The walls are textured, but we need people to help sand them down because they have to be sanded down and then wiped down with a damp cloth before we can start putting on the paint," said Roberts. "The more the merrier. If we can get help with stuff like that. If we could get a couple contractors that would like to volunteer, there's a couple that said they would on Facebook. We're going to need some help laying the flooring."

A few neighbors have given their time and repaired walls.

"It really hits me deep in the heart that people. They're not helping me out, they're helping Tim and Stephanie and the four kids out," said Roberts. "It really touches me that there is still good people out there in the world and all the money that they have donated in the GoFundMe."

One person in the community even went out and made sure the homeowners and their kids had one less thing to worry about during the holidays.

"So the kids had a Christmas list and Debra gave it to her and told her to pick out a couple things," said Roberts. "She bought everything on the list that the kids had out there. It's amazing how people will help out like that."

The family is willing to offer forgiveness if the vandals will admit to what they did and extend a helping hand.

"Step up and come forward," said Roberts. "If nothing else, come forward and volunteer some time to fix what y'all have broke. What y'all have damaged. Take some of the pressure off for us."

Lawton Police are still investigating the incident. They say they're hoping someone comes forward with tips that can help them find whoever did this. You can remain anonymous. Just contact Crime Stoppers at 580-355-INFO.

Also, If you would like to donate your time or money to help the family, contact Tim Cooper on Facebook or click the link below to donate to their GoFundMe.

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