Altus businesses have windows shot with BB gun

Altus businesses have windows shot with BB gun

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Police are investigating at least 10 cases of vandalism at businesses across Altus.

The owner of Ruff Grooming is the latest victim of the vandalism. She said she got a call from police around 4 a.m. Wednesday saying the door to her business was open. They later found out it was not actually open, but had been shot with what they believed to be a pellet gun. When they arrived they found not only had the glass door been shot out, but so had the store's windows and both passenger windows in an employee's car parked out front.

"It's frustrating that we all come here every day and we all work so hard and this keeps happening," said Kirstin Weekley, whose mother owns Ruff Grooming.

Ruff Grooming is a pet boarding and grooming business. Weekley said she and other employees were forced to work in the cold this morning because of what happened last night.

"We're still doing our jobs, we're going to do what we need to do...not only does it impact the owner, it impacts all of us. It takes a really big toll," Weekley said.

This is the second time in just the last month Weekley said they've had to deal with something like this. Last month, someone broke into the store.

"They stole some money, ruined our cash register, broken into some piggy banks. It wasn't even about what they took it's about the fact that we're a small business and we all work very hard here," Weekley said.

Because they're a small business, Weekley said that puts an added burden on everyone as they try to recover from broken windows and stolen cash.

"It comes directly out of our pockets," Weekley said. "We can't call corporate and tell them we have an issue and have them pull it out of their million-dollar account. We have to pay the consequences. All of us, every person that works in this building."

Weekley doesn't believe this crime was related to the burglary because police already caught the person who committed that crime. Regardless, she does have a message for whoever is responsible for the vandalism.

"Stop. You're literally taking our hard-earned money. For what? Because you wanted to have some fun for the night," Weekley said.

Altus Police Chief Tim Murphy said the vandalism at Ruff Grooming is not the only instance recently. They're investigating at least 10 cases of glass windows being shot with what they believe is a B-B gun since December 5th. They are continuing to investigate and anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Altus Police Department.

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