New project creates more jobs at Cosmetic Specialty Labs

New project creates more jobs at Cosmetic Specialty Labs

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A private manufacturing company that started as a home business in 1973 is now operating out of a 300,000 square foot facility and it's also creating more opportunities for job seekers in Lawton.

Cosmetic Specialty Labs produces custom formulations and skin care products for several major retailers in the US, including Amazon, Sephora and Ulta.

The company now has more than 100 employees after hiring 19 people to work on a new project... making 180,000 bath bombs.

It's all hands on deck inside Cosmetic Specialty Labs as employees work to finish a contract for 180 thousand bath bombs for an unnamed cosmetic retailer.

"You get the opportunity to learn so much here," said Kali Hill, Cosmetic Specialty Labs employee. "You get to learn a lot from here and back in the back."

Hill is one the new hires responsible for packing the bath bombs and getting them ready to be shipped.

"I am very blessed to be working here," said Hill. "Not only with among great people but just to have an awesome job and awesome boss. Coming from Tennessee to Oklahoma, it's completely different. Everything is different. To come from there to here and still have that homey feel at work, it's definitely something that it feels good. I enjoy coming to work every morning."

And while it is a labor intensive process, the President and CEO of the company they're happy to provide more jobs for the people in Lawton.

"To have this project that's over the holidays has been great because everybody including these new 19 people, they're not missing any hours, they're working overtime, they're working at this part of the year where it's so important to be able to work," said Ellis.

The goal is for the workers to make 3,500 bath bombs a day to fulfill the first contract. Ellis says they're staying on top of it and she credits hard working employees like Hill for helping speed up production.

As for Hill, she's thankful for the chance to learn and grow at a local business that's allows workers like her to thrive.

"I can't stress opportunity enough because everybody needs an opportunity," said Hill. "Without opportunity, you can't get anywhere."

If you're still looking for some last minute Christmas presents, Cosmetic Specialty Labs also has a store where you can buy some of their products, including cleansers and moisturizers. They're open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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