Baby Box program helps reduce SIDS risks

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- If you're a new parent, you may want to head over to Southwestern Medical Center. The center launched its Baby Box University Program on Wednesday, aimed at reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

The Baby Box program originated in Finland where it's been used for over 80 years.

Parents are given a durable cardboard box for their baby to sleep in. It comes with a firm mattress, waterproof cover, and a fitted sheet.

"You never know what can happen especially with babies," said Mariah Brewer, mother.

Brewer is a new mother who just gave birth to her son yesterday. She said she already has a crib, but is thankful to have another option just in case.

"Just to be on the safe side so, he'll be there next to me, but not in a bed with me," said Brewer.

On Wednesday, she tried out the baby box for the first time and noticed the benefits. She said having the box is an easy way to keep her baby safe.

"He felt safe and comfortable and didn't have anything around him to suffocate him or bother him," said Brewer.

RN and Clinical Supervisor Emily Minthorn said that is the goal.

"To help reduce the risk of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome," said Minthorn. "Which we've had a few here that were born here that have died of SI

Minthorn said the boxes can be used as a baby's bed until they turn six months old. In addition to keeping them safe and snug, they also give parents peace of mind.

"If you want to cook dinner you can have the baby box in the kitchen with you and the baby in a safe place," said Minthorn. "If you need to take a shower you can take the baby box and put it somewhere in the bathroom."

Minthorn said the boxes should be placed on the floor or a safe spot where they won't fall. As for Brewer, she suggests every parent give it a try.

"If you're a new mom like me I'd highly encourage you to come get a box," said Brewer. "Just to make sure your baby is safe and secure at all times."

Southwestern Medical Center has 60 boxes ready to give away for free. For more information on the program visit

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