OK soldiers return home from Ukraine training mission

OK soldiers return home from Ukraine training mission

OK (KSWO)- A group of Oklahoma soldiers is now back after taking part in a key training mission in Ukraine.

The Oklahoma Army National Guard's 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team was deployed to command a multi-national mission to bring Ukraine's military up to NATO standards by 2020 and to help secure Eastern Europe from Russian aggression.

Last month, two members of Oklahoma's Congressional delegation, Senator James Lankford and Congressman Steve Russel visited the training operation.

"Everything is at stake with what Russia is doing there. They want to try to coerce these countries to bring them back into their fold," said Russell.

"They've declared them as separatists and rebels. But they're actually Russian officers, leading individuals that they're training to be in the Russian army and to be able to function as Russian-trained military," explained Lankford.

While the Oklahoma National Guard is now back home, the mission is still ongoing.
The New York Army National Guard has now taken Oklahoma's place.

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