Deceased child's father, grandmother testify in Frederick murder trial

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - An emotional day inside the Tillman County Courthouse as family members of a deceased child took the stand to testify in the murder trial for Gregory Miller.

Miller is charged with killing his girlfriend, Kelly Fairchild's, son Lane back in 2015.

Monday afternoon, the jury heard testimony from Lane Fairchild's biological father and grandmother. 
They were clearly emotional in the courtroom as they talked about the last time they saw 19-month-old Lane alive.

Lisa Bradley was Lane's grandmother and said she would routinely babysit him. She said she was babysitting Lane on a Wednesday night in late February of 2015 and it was Kelly Fairchild's week to take care of Lane as part of a custody agreement when she and Lane's father separated.

She said she picked up Lane, took him through an automated car was because he enjoyed it, and took him back to her house to play with him for several hours. Bradley said that her son, who was Lane's father, Blake Fairchild also came to her house to see Lane. During that time, both Bradley and Fairchild testified they saw no scratches, marks or bruises on Lane's body.

Blake Fairchild left that evening to return to his home in Lawton and Bradley took Lane back to where his mother, Kelly Fairchild, was living at the time. They both testified today that just two days later, on Friday, they would be informed that Lane had died.

According to police, Lane's body had several cuts and bruises on his face, as well as a laceration on the back of his head. He also had a fractured skull.

An expert with the medical examiner's office also testified Monday. She said whenever she's seen injuries like the ones Lane suffered from, they are almost exclusively from someone inflicting damage onto them. She said those types of injuries are rarely an accident.

Testimony is expected to continue Tuesday morning.

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