Donations needed for Operation Santa Paws

SOUTHWEST OKLAHOMA (KSWO) -Operation Santa Paws is in full swing and we need your help to bring the holidays to homeless pets.

KSWO has partnered with Lawton Animal Welfare and the Stephens County Humane Society to collect donations to make sure the animals are happy and healthy this holiday season.

Food, beds and toys are all things you can donate to Lawton Animal Welfare and the Stephens County Humane Society to make sure the animals are well taken care of this holiday season.

"What a great way to give back to these little guys that are just waiting for a forever home," said
Russell Anderson, Lawton Animal Welfare Superintendent.

Anderson says they rely on donations to keep the facility running because a lot of the items they need aren't included in their budget.

"I am a city municipality shelter, Stephens County is actually a rescue shelter," said Anderson. "A lot of times, that stuff is never factored into the budget and with budget cuts and things like that, this is a great opportunity for you to know what you're getting for the animals will stay with that animal and will really help their quality of life."

He says the animals especially love the toys.

"Some of them are destructive," said Anderson. "They do destroy them. Others they keep them all the way through the process from the time that they come in all the way until the time they go home."

In this season of giving, Anderson hopes you'll not only have it in your heart to donate, but help get these animals into a forever home.

"Don't be a grinch," said Anderson. "Come on down here. Take a look at what we have. Take a look at what our local rescues have. Don't shop just always adopt."

Operation Santa paws will goes on until December 28th. You can drop off dog or cat food, beds, litter or treats at either the Lawton or Duncan Billingsly Ford locations during normal business hours.

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