LPS using new Student Improvement Program to engage with community

LAWTON, OK(KSWO) -Lawton Public Schools is making sure parents are informed about the recent school bond through their new Student Investment Program also know as SIP.

SIP will share new information about about the bond progress through social media and the SIP website. Last month, voters approved the nearly 100 million dollar school bond to rebuild Eisenhower Middle School along with safe rooms in 8 different schools across the district.

Shortly after voters passed the bond the district did a poll on Facebook asking parents how they want to be informed with updates and new information. Lawton Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tom Deighan said they are committed to making sure everything is available to everyone who helped pass the bond.

"We see it as an investment for our students, it's not a one day, it's not a quick fix, it's a 10-year program that the voters approved for us," said Deighan.

That's how Lawton Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Tom Deighan sees the new Student Investment Program.

SIP allows parents access to all current and new information updates about the bond progress time-line at the touch of a finger all through LawtonPS.org. Just click on Menu, and look for Lawton SIP 2017, under the "Lawton Can" tab on the left side of the page.

"We are committed to making sure everything is out there and open and available to the public," said Deighan.

To give people a better perspective about the timeline of SIP, the bond sales were actually approved less than a month after the election.

"Our board is making sure we are moving as quickly as possible we do anticipate based on our current schedule that everything will be in place to break ground on safe rooms and Eisenhower Middle School this Spring," said Deighan.

LPS will start planning out the progress at the beginning of the year.

"On January 5th it will be our first meeting with our district SIP committees, and these committees are made up of two representatives from every site who will help meet and advise the district on the roll out of the equipment and the technology that has been promised to those sites," said Deighan.

Those sites include a new 46 million dollar Eisenhower Middle School, safe rooms for 8 schools across the district, technology and furniture.

Deighan said it wouldn't be possible without so many people who trusted Lawton Public Schools, and he is making sure his staff and the SIP committees ensure everything goes smoothly.

"We are doing everything we can to meet meet those expectations that is going to be placed on us and so we are extremely thankful and we are going to show our appreciation by working as hard as possible to keep the community informed and to deliver what we said on time," said Deighan.

Once they break ground in the Spring, it will take a couple of years before Eisenhower Middle School is built and ready for students.

If you would like to stay up to date on the bond timeline, plans and progress you find the link here.

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