Child abuse expert testifies in Frederick murder trial

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - Tuesday, a child abuse expert testified in the murder trial of Gregory Miller, telling jurors he believes the victim's death was caused by child abuse.

Miller is charged with killing Lane Fairchild back in 2015. Lane was the son of his then-girlfriend Kelly Fairchild.

Dr. Ryan Brown, a child abuse expert out of Oklahoma City reviewed the pictures and reports of Lane's death. Tuesday, he told the jury what he believes the evidence reveals.

Dr. Brown testified that all kids are going to have some bumps and bruises on them, but he said just bumps and bruises don't come close to explaining the injuries Lane had. Brown said Lane's autopsy showed he had at least 40 different injuries to his body, including 23 to just his head and his face.

Dr. Ryan Brown also testified that Lane had more than a dozen impact spots on his face. That means there were several places he had been hit on the face and that the injuries could not possibly have come from one incident.

He also testified that some of Lane's injuries were too severe for the boy to cause by himself. He said he could not pinpoint an exact time of death for Lane, but the doctors at the hospital reported that his body was ice cold when he arrived. Brown said in his opinion, there could have been hours between the time Lane died and when he was taken to the hospital.

But during cross-examination, Dr. Brown testified there was no way for him to know exactly what or who caused Lane's injuries.

Jurors also heard testimony from OSBI agent Roger McIver, who played recordings of the two interviews he conducted with Miller. In the first interview, which was just hours after Lane's death, Miller repeatedly said he did not know what happened to Lane.

But in the second interview, Miller admitted that he may have stepped on Lane's head while Lane was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Miller said he was drunk and remembered tripping while walking near Lane, but said at the time he thought maybe he had just nicked Lane, not stepped on him. He said he simply went back to bed when he did not hear Lane crying.

That second interview ended with an emotional Miller saying he didn't remember everything. He said that it was an accident and asked how he was supposed to tell his girlfriend, Lane's mother, that it was his fault.

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