Great Plains Improvement Foundation gives local families food and presents

Great Plains Improvement Foundation gives local families food and presents

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The Great Plains Improvement Foundation is making sure their families in transition homes have food to eat and presents for Christmas.

On Wednesday, they delivered a basket full of food like, ham, turkey and pecan pie to 14 Lawton families.

The Great Plains Improvement Foundation works to help get these families back on their feet. Some of them have been in homeless shelters, but now have jobs.

The food was all donated by the foundation's vendors and board members.

Tis the season of giving and for the Hankins family, they're blessed just to receive something we take for to feed their family of seven this holiday season.

"It means so much," said Jacob Hankins. "It means that there are people out there that are thinking about other people, which is what we are supposed to do this time of the year. I think we get it twisted sometimes and think that it's all about getting."

The Hankins' and their five kids got a basket full of groceries from The Great Plains Improvement Foundation. A turkey, ham, dressing, sausage, pecan pie and Jacob's favorite, veggies.

"I like vegetables personally, but that may not be one of the things my kids like, but they're going to eat it anyways," said Hankins.

He says his family is thankful to this local organization that's helped them get back on their feet.

"Going from one house to another, we've really had to let go of a lot of things," said Hankins. "This is a fresh start for us and our family."

Virginia Spencer, the Executive Director of the Great Plains Improvement Foundation says it's the smiles on the families faces that make this all worth while.

"We see them periodically off and on throughout the year," said Spencer. "We know the support and help they need. Some of them are really struggling. Some of them are about to get back on their feet and get back into the mainstream of living again, but it's part of our Christmas to be able to give to them."

The Hankins family reminds us, it's not about what items you have this holiday season, it's about who you have around you.

"We've been blessed," said Spencer. "I think we need to be thankful with less than having more and we've got more."

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