Winter weather preparations

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The City of Lawton and several businesses are already taking steps to get prepared for potential freezing weather.

The city has 7 trucks and over 3 dozen operators on stand-by in case we see some freezing rain and slick spots on the road.

"Our primary response to any icy or snowy conditions are going to be our salt and sand trucks," said Wolcott.

Public Works Director Larry Wolcott and his team of 40 operators are already prepared in case we see wintry weather on Friday and throughout the weekend. But it all depends on how the weather plays out.

"Typically we won't have any ice sticking to the roadways unless it gets down to a freezing temperature, and even then it takes a while for the road itself to become below that temperature, even if the air temperature is freezing," said Wolcott.

With people out finishing up last minute shopping, or traveling for the holidays Wolcott said drivers should be extra cautious and on the look out for black ice and slick spots

"Primarily you want to be careful going over the overpass, bridges are going to freeze first and keep it slow and be careful on the bridges," said Wolcott.

If your staying inside during the cold front, be sure to also keep your pets in mind.

"I recommend you bring them inside, your pipes could have a potential of freezing your pets could freeze and hypothermia is the exact thing in humans. Humans can suffer it and so can pets. So bring them inside keep them warm," said Anderson.

Anderson said you can protect them by making sure they have warm bedding outside or set them up in the garage.

When it comes to preparation inside your home, plumbers say to let faucets drip a little so pipes don't freeze.  they also offer a reminder about something they say is often overlooked.

"Especially when it is beautiful like it is today people are going to hook up to hydrants this is what it looks like on the outside, and they are going to wash their care or water the plants or do something and they don't disconnect it. When you keep the hose hooked up too it you keep water in here and what happens is it freezes and bust," said Pippin.

In case the road does freeze over you may also want to make sure you have extra food and water available and warm clothing handy.

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