Altus community remembers Jackson County Deputy Sheriff who passed away

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ALTUS, OK (KSWO)- On Friday, friends and family are remembering a Jackson County deputy sheriff who passed away. Fred Hancock died from a massive brain aneurysm last week. Those who knew him say he was a staple in the community, and will truly be missed.

Everyone who knew Fred Hancock said he had a kind loving spirit, and his smile would brighten up any room or situation. He had a strong passion for his family, his church, and the community.

"Oh boy...first of all I say he was a good son, we did everything together. I couldn't leave the house without him asking where you going," said Fred's father.

Fred's father Eneth Hancock said he was the most obedient person he knew and he was always giving.

"He loved everybody," said Fred's father.

Both family and friends were shocked when they found out Fred died suddenly last week.

"I was just devastated when I heard about the news of course him being my right hand in the church, but he was also my dearest best friend and when I heard about the news I was just devastated it devastated me," said Pastor Salazar.

Former Pastor Abraham Salazar and Fred were indeed best friends and their friendship started back 12 years ago when they first met at Crossroads Church of Altus. Salazar said Fred became a loyal member who did so much.

"If you needed something vacuumed or if you needed something clean, or an errand needed to be ran he always made himself very available to the church," said Pastor Salazar.

Shortly after becoming a member, Fred became a deacon of the church.

"A pastor needs a right hand man in his church and Fred was that to me," said Pastor Salazar.

But Fred did more than just serve in the church, he had a passion for being involved and giving back in the community.

"He umpired little league baseball and softball games didn't matter what age at the REC Center. He also refereed basketball games for the City of Altus," said Pastor Salazar.

He was also a deputy sheriff for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department for 15 years and was planning on retiring. After graduating high school he joined the military and was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Army. He completed his Field artillery Training at Fort Sill before retiring from the military.

"I mean he not only did his job but he went beyond his job....his witness, his spirit to people was just so magnetizing it was just so incredible just an incredible person," said Pastor Salazar.

Fred's father said he was always positive and made a impact on the Altus community.

"He was always smiling, giving words of encouragement to people and helping people. He would take the last penny out of his pocket and give it to if you needed it," said Fred's father.

Fred's father said he was over whelmed by all of the love and support shown by people who attended Fred's memorial service. He was laid to rest last night at Fort Sill National Cemetery in Elgin. He was also a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.  He leaves behind his parents and four adult children.

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