Lawton city workers are busy picking up holiday trash

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) - Trash cans were full of boxes, presents and wrapping paper Tuesday, which made for a busy day for Lawton's Solid Waste Collection Division.

Bobby Cooper, a Solid Waste Supervisor for the City of Lawton said most residents are good about following the rules, but there's always a few that try to get away with it.

"We always are busy right after the holidays," said Cooper.

City of Lawton Waste Collection employees worked in the freezing rain to get your holiday trash gone and out of your way.

But, there are some things residents can't put in the 95-gallon bins.

"You can't throw away paint," said Cooper. "You can't throw away fencing material or dirt and stuff like that."

If the workers find any of these bulk items, they will leave a tag on it and the resident will be responsible for deposing of it properly, whether that's setting up a bulk pickup with the city or taking it to the landfill.

Cooper also reminds residents to get their trash out early.

"We usually start picking up early," said Cooper. "By the time the guys get their trucks all inspected, check their tires, check their fluid levels and stuff. They usually try to head out around 7:30. A good rule of thumb is to have your trash out around 7:00, if at all possible, that way you won't get missed."

And to make these hard-working employees jobs a little easier, they ask a few simple things from the residents.

"If at all possible, don't overfill your cans," said Cooper. "I know everybody, every now and then you have extra trash and stuff like that. Just try to comply with the rules. Everybody has been doing good lately. Sometimes we get a call we have to go back and open it, but that's part of our job."

If you do have some bulk items that need to be picked up, you can call 580-581-3413 to schedule a pick-up. Residents are eligible for two free bulk pickups per year.

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