Lawton business owner thwarts armed robber

Lawton business owner thwarts armed robber
(Source Comanche County Jail)
(Source Comanche County Jail)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton man is behind bars after being beaten up by a business owner who claims he was trying to rob him.

Daniel Carroll has been charged with First Degree Attempted Robbery for the crime.

Les McKenzie, the owner of McKenzie's Burger Garage, said last Thursday morning, he came out to his storage shed to grab some supplies. He said when he got inside he felt something pushing into his back. That's when he says a man told him he had a gun and demanded his money and his cell phone.

"I thought it was one of my employees giving me a hard time so I said I'll get right on that in just a minute. He said I'm not kidding I've got a gun I'm going to shoot you. I turned around and looked and I had never seen the guy before in my life," McKenzie said.

McKenzie said everything happened quickly so he didn't have time to plan out his next move.

"I told him look I've got some money in my pocket, I'll give you some money and I reached down in my pocket and when I came back, I hit him in the left side of the head with my right hand and I turned around and hit him again and knocked his hand down. We started wrestling around and I got him outside and held him down until the police got there," McKenzie said.

One of his employees inside the restaurant heard him shouting for help and called 911. McKenzie said he later found out the man was lying about having a gun but says he did have a 6-inch-long knife.

"It was a curved type knife, looked more like a skinning knife, a deer skinning knife or something like that."

McKenzie said he isn't entirely sure why he didn't carry his gun that day...but says he's extremely grateful that he didn't have it on him.

"That man is so lucky. I have no idea why I did but I laid my gun down on the counter that morning. I don't know why I did, normally I carry my gun out to the shop with me. The Lord has another plan for him. That's all there is to it. He wouldn't have survived. I thank God every day I didn't have to shoot him. I'm glad it came out the way it did because I don't ever want to have to shoot anybody."

Carroll is being held in the Comanche County Jail on $100,000 bond. McKenzie said he hopes stopping the man who tried to rob him will send a message.

"Listen we've got to take Lawton back," McKenzie said. "We can't allow these people to do this. Don't give in to it if you can. Take your time and fight back if you can."

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