Expert advice on keeping gym resolutions

2018 is almost upon us and that means many people are starting to make their New Year's resolution. The most popular resolution, according to multiple survey websites, is improving one's health, whether that's through eating healthy, losing weight or exercising more.

Candi Bridges, owner of Eye Candi Fitness, said people shouldn't set their standard too high in the beginning. She said there are things people can do to better ease themselves back into the gym like making one's first goal getting into a routine of going three or four times a week.

"Set small goals, maybe weekly or bi-weekly goals," Bridges said. "That's going to enable you to be able to reach the goal and not get frustrated."

One of the problems she sees when people start going to the gym is not having the correct form or using weights that are too heavy.

"You have a higher chance of injuring yourself, tearing a muscle, straining it, then you're going to be set back two or four weeks then, get out of your groove," she said.

Hank Hunter, a nutrition consultant at Total Nutrition, said one of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that by eating less food you'll lose weight but it's not that simple.

"You actually slow your metabolism down when you do something like that. Actually, getting frequent meals in, using portion control, counting your calories, things of that nature," Hunter said. "Supplementation is great because it's good to supplement some of the nutritional needs we have but to get that from food is the most important."

He also suggests removing soda and sweet tea from your diet. Bridges said many clients like to say new year, new self but she likes to tell them that they're working towards a better self, which is a process and a lifestyle change but not a change of who you are.

"You're just making healthier choices," she said. "You're still able to live your life outside the gym just better choices."

Both Bridges and Hunter say if this is your resolution then the best thing you can do is find a workout that's suitable for you.

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