Dealing with stress during the holidays

LAWTON, Ok (KSWO) - For some people, the loss of loved ones or financial problems can make 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year' turn into the most lonely or stressful.

Ronda Campbell, the Director of Triage at the Taliaferro Center in Lawton, said they've had an increase of people calling and going in because of the holidays and the stress and loneliness it can bring.

"We think of a holiday as family and friends and big gatherings and happy times but not everybody views it as that because they're dealing with things that we might not understand or know," Campbell said.

She said some of the depression can come from being alone but when times are hard, it's difficult to celebrate the holidays.

"They may not want to be around family if they don't have the finances to provide food or exchange gifts. We suggest focusing on the social aspect rather than the financial aspect. The emotional comfort is going to outlast the materialistic items," Campbell said.

If you're finding yourself in a funk because of the holidays, financial advisor Caleb Wortham said to take a look at where you are and go from there.

"Whether that needs to be, you need to reign in your spending for the next couple months, pay your credit card debts off, relax, take a breath from all the spending we accumulated during the holidays," Wortham said. "It all goes back to take a snapshot of where you are."

He said the biggest problem he sees is people not planning for Christmas and straying from their budget. Campbell said if you're having problems, whether it's because of finances or depression, don't be afraid to call or reach out to a friend or professional for help.

"As a community I hope we're watching out for each other, looking out for these symptoms and steering them in the right direction," Campbell said.

If someone you know feels they need to reach Taliaferro their number is (580) 248-5780 and the number for the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-8255

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