Lawton OU fans in Pasadena for Rose Bowl

PASADENA, CA (KSWO) -It's been the trip of a lifetime for these die hard Oklahoma fans. Driving over a thousand miles from Lawton to Pasadena to see their Sooners in the Rose Bowl.

"It's not everyday OU gets to Play in the Rose Bowl," said Paul Jewell. "It was an opportunity to get a vacation. Obviously it's freezing in Oklahoma so it was an opportunity to get out of cold Oklahoma, get to some sunny weather, enjoy the sun a little bit, see the beach."

Jewell and his wife, Tiffany stopped in New Mexico, and visited Hoover Dam and Las Vegas along the way. But, ever since they got to Pasadena, they say it's been hard to find many OU fans.

"It's been more Georgia fans than anything," said Jewell. "I mean, I don 't know where all of the OU fans are. Maybe, we are just missing them or something, but it's been overwhelmingly Georgia nation out here. We've been hearing a lot of 'Go Dawgs' and 'ruff-ruff'.

He says winning tonight won't be easy.

"I think we're going to come out and get punched in the mouth a little bit just because I expect them to be really physical in the run game, but I think once Baker gets settled in and we start to turn on it offensively and kind of start to get in the rhythm, we're going to start to score some points and be in really good shape," said Jewell.

Jewell hopes all the Lawtonians cheering for OU do everything they can to help the team get the win to go to the national championship.

"Cheer scream and yell so loud that we can hear you here because I am tired of hearing 'Go Dawgs' and 'SEC'," said Jewell.

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