New details on the life of missing OK pilot

New details on the life of missing OK pilot

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- We have more information about the Oklahoma pilot who went missing Wednesday night while flying to Texas and the impact his disappearance has had on the animal rescue community.

Dr. Bill Kinsinger was flying to Central Texas last night to collect a disabled dog and deliver it to a foster home in Oklahoma. The anesthesiologist has flown dozens of rescue dogs for groups like Pilots-n-Paws and Fetch Fido a Flight-- showing a dedication to animals that friends and family say is characteristic of the man.

They say Kinsinger even planned to expand his work, hoping to buy a larger plane to run an animal transport company.

"Every minute of his life is spent either helping animals or planning his next trip…What do you say to someone who has so much to offer and does so much for their community ...that just goes missing?" said Vikki Smith with Fetch Fido a Flight.

The flight Kinsinger was meant to carry out Wednesday was done last night in his honor.

Officials believe Kinsinger may have been suffering from hypoxia -- which can happen when your brain does not get enough oxygen. It can cause confusion, nausea, breathlessness, and hallucinations.

The US Coast Guard has not started water searches at this time.

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