Kids compete in pig show at Great Plains Coliseum

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Saturday was the last day of the Winter National Pig, Lamb and Goat Show at Great Plains Coliseum. Nearly 1,500 people came out to watch the hog show. Two competitions were held for various breeds and competitors. Over 200 people participated in each show.

Co-chairman Robert Spencer said the day was all about the kids.

"It teaches them a lot of responsibility and dependability and gives them something to do instead of getting in trouble when they come home from school," said Spencer.

Briala Simmons, a student at MacArthur High School, was one of those participants.

She said she's been training pigs for a year and was excited for the competition

"Everyone gets to have fun," said Simmons. "Everyone gets to choose out their pigs. And make sure their pigs get on a road and used to what we are going to do."

This year marked the 7th annual Winter National Pig, Lamb, and Goat Show. Winners in each competition received prizes.

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