Winning lottery ticket sold in Duncan, customers react

Winning lottery ticket sold in Duncan, customers react
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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Imagine checking your lottery ticket and finding out you won millions of dollars! It's something people dream of every day and for one Southwest Oklahoma woman that dream came true over the weekend. A Mega Million dollar ticket cashing out at $3 million dollars was sold this weekend at the Chisholm Corner at 5th Street and Plato Road in Duncan.

This past weekend the Mega Million Dollar Jackpot rose to 450 million dollars! The winning numbers: 28, 30, 39, 59, and 70 and the Mega Ball: 10 and the Megaplier: 3.Stores across the U.S. were slammed with customers hoping to win something.

"Oh I had to get one. I got one and my wife got one," said Heath.

Stan Heath is a loyal customer of the Chisholm Corner gas station at 5th Street and Plato Road. He was speechless when he heard the news about the winning lottery ticket sold at a store he visits every week.

"Well my heart skipped a beat, I thought maybe it's me, but as usual it wasn't so it was fun though just to think about it," said Heath.

"I'm surprised to be honest never would have thought it would happen," said Hill.

Store Manager Stephanie Hill sold the ticket to the lucky woman last week.

"Yes I didn't know that until we watched the camera this morning," said Hill.

The ticket matched all 5 numbers and the Megaplier. 8 other big-winning tickets were sold in other parts of Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.The jackpot actually got up to 450 million dollars and someone in Florida won a big chunk of it.

While some people said they would pay off student loans, house and car notes, or give it to charity one thing is for sure, winning the lottery can help change lives.

"Oh my gosh welp I'm already retired, probably give some of it away to the church and enjoy the rest of it by taking trips lots of trips," said Heath.

"Take a couple of weeks off and then go back to work," said Hill.

"I would spent it...more motorcycle parts," said Leptinsky.

They couldn't be more happier that the winning ticket was sold in their hometown.

"It's great, it's absolutely fantastic that someone here in Duncan won something like that. It's fantastic to see that it's here so it's great," said Leptinsky.

The Store Manager said she's hope this will bring more customers and business to her store. The winning ticket was claimed by a woman, but her name has not been released.

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