Wildflowers planted at Lawton intersections

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Six intersections on Rogers Lane and I-44 will soon be blooming with wildflowers. They were planted today by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Lawton Enhance Trust Authority (LETA).

"You go out to the wildlife refuge when the flowers come in and it's just spectacular. We're trying to bring a little bit of that spectacular to Lawton," said Rich Rogalski, Executive Director of LETA.

Crews with LETA and ODOT were on hand Wednesday as a tractor planted seeds in six spots along Rogers Lane and I-44.

"Along Rogers Lane, we're doing the Sheridan Road interchange and the Fort Sill Boulevard Interchange. Then on I-44, we're doing the Cache Road, which is the tri-level. Then we're doing Gore Boulevard and I-44 interchange, Lee Boulevard and I-44 and even 11th street and I-44," said Rogalski.

The flowers will obviously change the look of the intersections but they will also save ODOT and the city money as crews will now have less area to mow.

"The area here on Rogers Lane is mowed and maintained by the City but we are also planting on I-44. We will not mow those areas until the wildflowers have had a chance to go to seed. As the years progress, those areas won't be mowed as much," said Tracy Terrill with ODOT.

Rogalski said while the project will save the city on maintenance costs, to him it really is all about making Lawton a better place to live.

"I for one believe that beautification is such a key element to the city of Lawton. It makes us proud of our city. You fix your house up, you do your garden at your house so that every day you come home you're happy to be home, you're proud of your home, you're proud of what it looks like. It makes you feel good. We're trying to do that for the entire community," Rogalski said.

The first bloom should happen this spring but Rogalski says not to get your hopes up yet. He said it's going to take another year to get the look they're going for.

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