Veterans center replaces leaky roof

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center is in the process of getting a new roof after years of dealing with leaks.

Administrator Tonya Hendricks said they're excited about the new roof because the veterans won't have to dodge the taped-off areas where it leaks when it rains.

"We want them to feel safe and comfortable and this is their home so they deserve the very best," Hendricks said.

She said getting a new roof to cover the 200,000-square foot building took years of staff dealing with the leaks.

"We definitely had to put out things to catch the rainwater in," Hendricks said.

She said the leaks caused damage to several parts of the building, which will also be fixed.

"We've had to deal with the leakage in the dining room, there are several spots on the ceiling," she said. "The ceiling is falling in on several spots."

While they're happy to get the new roof, Hendricks said they understand the construction is loud and could cause problems for some of the 200 veterans living there.

"If the noise is disturbing to some of our veterans, we will move them to another area until they've gotten that area of the roof completed," she said. "We'll make sure they're comfortable and it doesn't cause them any undue anxiety."

Hendricks said they haven't had any complaints yet and some of the roof had already been tested by a few storms.

"The new roof there is no leakage but where we still have the old roof, yes there has still been some leakage," Hendricks said.
Workers started laying the shingles late last summer and now they're about half-way through. They expect this roof to be finished within the next three to five months.

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