Fort Sill hosts Instructor of the Year ceremony

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO)- Six Fort Sill instructors were rewarded for their hard work on Thursday.

In the Instructor of the Year ceremony, they recognized Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery military and civilian instructors at all levels.

"Out of that group of great officers that I was selected to represent us as the instructor of the year," said Captain Stephen Waite, instructor awarded.

Waite was one of six soldiers awarded instructor of the year. He competed against other officers for that title and said his plan is to bring everything he learns back to those officers.

"Knowing and seeing the officers understand the big picture and knowing I'm sending a good product out to the fleeting force," said Waite.

Doctor Kyle Smith oversees all of the training on Fort Sill and says he's proud of their hard work.

"It's all about army readiness and these men and women are here on the front lines of Ft. Sill insuring that the products for instruction and the delivery of instruction are top notch," said Smith.

Three of the men recognized were Army instructors and three were Marine Corp instructors.

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